The company Sensas has just put on the market 2 brand new catapults which will be intended for all types of fishing where loose feeding will prove particularly effective. The first model will be more specifically intended for pellets which is sometimes very useful when the carps are kept away from the edge in surface (as in summer for example) requiring the use of pellet waggler. And the second one (more classic, I would say) which will be more intended for feeding maggots on thepole or for a short waggler fishing.

A perfect "grip"!

Both in "very fun" colors, they are particularly pleasant in the hand and allow very precise delivery of natural baits (or not) thanks to a clever conical cup in flexible plastic.

But what especially sets them apart from other competitive products is the flat tongue system at the back of the bucket with two small indentations on them, which gives them perfect ergonomics. This clever innovation makes it easier to grip between the fingers, in particular by limiting the risk of slipping, while promoting greater efficiency. This furthermore characterizes the strategy that must be scrupulously observed when fishing with the catch, namely, to project few baits but often, while being as precise as possible.

Clever flat tab at the back of the bucket with 2 small anti-slip indentations.


High-quality elastic bands

Finally, these two catapults also benefit from a system that limits the risk of twisting of the elastic, which could previously occur with regular launches. In addition, special care has been taken to ensure the quality of the elastics in order to increase their lifespan.

These two catapults, which are sure to satisfy a good number of anglers, will be available on the market at a recommended retail price of 19.95 euros.