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Parcours de Mark DOWNES

Age :   60+

Started fishing age:   Aged 5

Started match fishing age:   Age 8

Place of birth:   Birmingham UK

Favourite fishing style:  Waggler


Favourite fish:  Chub


Match wins and titles:   Many Club Team Titles. 7x UK National Champions.

14 International Gold Medals

Sealink Classic Champion Ireland (300 C0mpetitors)

Winter League Individual Champion.

King Of Clubs Champion


Favourite groundbait:

Canal Fine moisture Noire


Favourite groundbait mix:

 Canal Fin Moiture/ Gross Gardon Fine / Damp Leam/ Corriander.



For commercial fisheries:

Sensas Stimul8 Greem,  Crazy Baiot Marine


Favourite additives:

Corriander, Ground Fishmeal, Crushed and Grilled Hempseed.


Favourite hooks:

Bloodworm 3530, Maggots Black Nickel 3405,  Pinkie Sensas 3260


Favourite line: Sensas Classic 0.08mm – 0.25mm


Best fishing memory: Winning World Championships as first Time Team manager in Paris 2000.

Also Individual World Champion masters 2014 Portugal.


Other styles of fishing:

Feeder, Method Feeder, Waggler, Stick Float, Bolo, Pole , Whip

In fact all styles of Match Fishing

Photos de Mark DOWNES

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