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Adjustable Jumbo Rig Roost

by Marc DELAUDE 1 Jan 22, 2018

Adjustable Jumbo Rig Roost Our Jumbo adjustable Rig Roost is another great new product from Sensas! The roost extends simply by adjusting the small screws on each side so it can be adapted to fit any side tray with legs. This well thought out accessory is perfect for holding spare top kits and feeder and waggler rods securely whilst you ... Read more


by Christophe NOUALHIER 1 Jan 18, 2018

IM7 - NEW RANGE FOR FISHING IN THE FISHERIES We have updated and improved all our IM7 products to bring you a brand new range of exiting baits that perform even better than before on commercial waters. The IM7 range is a complete bait concept with complementary groundbaits, mini boilies, boosters, ready to use hooker pellets, expanders and extruded pellets alongside a ... Read more

3000 Method Feeder

by Christophe NOUALHIER 1 Jan 12, 2018

3000 Method Feeder We have developed these new groundbaits specifically for method feeder fishing. The mixes bind well and break up quickly once they hit bottom. Buried hookbaits are guaranteed to be exposed and fishing almost immediately! Some mixes have a noticeably high fishmeal content which work particularly well on waters where carp ... Read more

Mini Bait Boxes

by Marc DELAUDE 1 Dec 28, 2017

Mini Bait Boxes Two small and practical bait boxes. Being so compact, you can fit more boxes onto your side tray and have a greater choice of hook baits to hand. The white box (ref. 56775) has a perforated lid - for living baits like maggots or worms. The black box (ref. 56776) features a solid lid – ideal for ... Read more

The JUMBO range is expanding!

by Philippe SKOBA 1 Dec 8, 2017

The JUMBO range is expanding! This year, Sensas JUMBO range grows thanks to the arrival of two new premium items: Accessories Jumbo bag special basket and the rigid English Jumbo scabbard. A small presentation is needed. Sheath rigid English Jumbo This rigid sheath equipped with three large pockets allows to carefully store and ... Read more


by Christophe NOUALHIER 1 Nov 30, 2017

CLASSIC SEATBOX ACCESSORIES BAG Top class bag designed to be strapped to the back of your seatbox and attached with Velcro bands. Makes it simple to carry your gear to the bank. Comes with 2 angled arms that will fit either 25 or 36mm legs. Ref. 20427 Read more


by Christophe NOUALHIER 1 Nov 29, 2017

JUMBO MEGA PLATFORM Simply the best for stability! This mega-platform comes with 4 telescopic 36mm legs (85x115cm). This is a go-anywhere platform that will cope with any shape of bank! Ref. : 13312 Read more

New Sensas Classic Range

by Christophe NOUALHIER 1 Nov 12, 2017

New Sensas Classic Range CLASSIC CARRY ALL Dimensions : 73X41X36 cm – REF 20411 CLASSIC SPECIAL ACCESSORY BAG Large capacity bag for carrying spare platform and seatbox legs, rollers, banksticks and other awkward accessories. With this practical bag you are sure to have all your longer items of tackle to hand ready for when you need ... Read more

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