World Team championship – Barnsley Blacks

Published on Aug 1, 2017 by Christophe NOUALHIER.



The Saint Quentin Canal was an awesome venue. It's a wide, deep canal, with a big head of roach and skimmers, which made for great fishing!

Our approach involved targeting roach and perch on the short pole on two swims - one at 4m and another at 9m. Here we fed a 50/50 mix of groundbait and leam. The mix was simple - Sensas Super Canal Black, Sensas Brown Crumb, and Terre De Somme Noir. We balled in this mix with a small amount of joker, and cupped in the same mix over the top holding plenty of bait to fish over. Topping up was done with a basic double leam mix of Terre De Somme and Grey Leam loaded with jokers.

The long pole swim at 13m is where we targeted skimmers and bream. Our mix for here was made up of one part groundbait to four parts Terre De Somme natural leam, mixed quite wet. The groundbait used was tried and tested Sensas Lake, which you could still smell in the mix despite only a small percentage of the mix been groundbait. We created a large area by cupping in some soft balls of the mix with a small amount of feed for fish to graze over, before feeding a tight area of bait just past this using the same mix loaded with joker, some dead pinkies and casters. Thanks to the versatility of the mix we could use this same combo for both creating a large area and feeding a tight, compact feed zone!

All of our lines worked well.
Not only did we catch most small fish but had enough bonus bream as well.
One thing is certain, without Sensas Groundbaits  it would have been a lot tougher.

Matt Godfrey.


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