Thierry Furdyna, overall winner of the 1st Sensas festival

Published on May 21, 2014 by Christophe NOUALHIER.




The first ever Sensas festival took place on the 17th and 18th of May at Douy and Chateaudun in the Eure et Loire department of France.  At the end of two keenly contested matches the overall winner was Thierry Furdyna with Dicks Callum and Stephane Pottelet hot on his heels in second and third place.  We interviewed Thierry just after his victory and he explained the tactics he used to lift the title:

“On Day One I fished the lake opposite the meeting point on peg 11.  I planned to fish a margin line with a top kit, another line at 5 metres and concentrate my main attack on the long pole at 13metres.  I set up a range of floats from 0.6 to 2.0g and started straight out at 13m.  I had bites from the off from skimmers and they kept coming through the day.  I topped up by cupping in some joker rich groundbait balls regularly through the day.  The bites dried up for a while so I put 4 or 5 bloodworm on the hook and this got me a big bonus bream.  I did not put any pinkies or chopped worms in my groundbait and won the first leg with a total weight of 10.010Kg.

The next day I drew peg 2 on the Seigneuret section of the Loir River.  I fed an inside swim and a main line at 13m.  Down the edge I picked up only one small perch.   Then for 90 minutes I picked up some skimmers on the long pole.  These eventually melted away and for the rest of the match I managed some small roach and other bits. I set up several rigs from 0.5 to 1.5 grams and a small 2 g flat float.  All my bites came from holding back slightly just inching the bait through.  The fish would not have it held too still or run through at full speed.  I did add some scalded pinkie to my mix for the second day and I finished third in my section with 3.260kg.

Finally let me just say how please I am to win this first Sensas festival.  I would like to thank all the organisers and of course Sensas.  I also owe a big thank you to Jean Desque who gave me some excellent advice about the venue.  It fished exactly as he predicted it would!”


Thierry Furdyna’s groundbait for the River Loir


Inside line mix

1 kg  Sensas 3000 Attractive lake

500g terre de Somme



Long line mix

2 Kg  sensas 3000 Lake

1 kg  Sensas 3000 Gros Gardons fine mouture

1,5 kg terre de Somme



Thierry Furdyna’s lake mix

2 kg  Sensas 3000 Lake

1 kg  terre de Somme

Groundbait wetted with Aromix Roach.





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