Stéphane Pottelet, 3rd place in the Sensas festival

Published on May 22, 2014 by Christophe NOUALHIER.


Once again Stephane Pottelet has secured a podium place in a major competition.    After the match Stephane talked us through the tactics he used to secure his Bronze medal place..



“On Day 1 I drew peg 1 at Vouvray on the lake.  I fed 4 lines.  First a waggler line at 35 metres then a long pole line at 11.5 meters, a short pole line at 6 metres and a  4th line to my left where  cupped in some loose seed particles.  I was careful to leave plenty of space between each of my lines so as not to spook any feeding fish.  This first leg went well and I caught steadily on both the 6 metre line and the long pole line.  I finished up with 130 fish for 5.220Kg.  This was made up of 90 catfish and 10% perch.  This result gave me a second in my section so I was well set up for day 2!

The next day so me on the Loir river in the Boissiere section.  The fishing proved tough.  In the first 20 minutes I only had 4 small fish.  Then 30 minutes into the match I caught a bream of about a kilo on a bunch of bloodworm.  Shortly after I caught a second quality bream holding back hard with a Pawel flat float and laying on with about 20cm of line.  After that the big fish seemed to vanish so I concentrated on small fish for the rest of the match.  I caught 120 fish at 13 metres and 15 fish on the short 6 metre line and ended up with 4.670Kg for another second in section.

I would like to thank Giles Chesnais who generously gave me plenty of advice on each of the venues.  I would also like to thank Bernard Djilali for his valuable help over the weekend.”

Stéphane Pottelet’s groundbait mixes


 Loir river mix

1 kg Sensas 3000 Brown Lake

1 kg  Sensas 3000 Brown Roach

2 kg  terre de Somme



Topping up on the river

 I used sticky Sensas terre de Riveiere to top-up on the river.  I alternated a ball of sticky leam with a ball of groundbait laced with joker.



Lake mixes

2 kg Sensas 3000 lake

1 kg  Sensas 3000 Carp Fine

+ some grains of corn in the groundbait

I added some terre de somme before wetting the mix to add weight.


Carp/crucian mix

1 kg 3000 Specimen Spec. Nat. Sweet Corn

1kg  Sensas 3000 Lake

I used Aromix roach to wet the groundbait.




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