Slovakia‘s Sensas Povazska Brystrica win World Club Champs !

Published on Jun 18, 2014 by Christophe NOUALHIER.





The 8th and 9th of June saw the World Club Champs fished on the River Sava in Slovenia.  After two hard fought legs it was the Slovakian team Sensas Povazska Brystrica that brilliantly won the match with 37.5 points beating off the challenge from  renowned teams like England’s Barnsley Blacks and Belgium’s D.G.B.F.   After their victory we contacted Rastislav Dudr to share with us the tactics his team used for victory:






Firstly Sensas would like to congratulate all the Slovakian team on this fantastic title.  The team was made up of Rastislav Dudr, Jan Kevicky, Jan Samel, Peter Bararek, Lubos Krupicka and Marek Gabona.  We would also like to congratulate the French representatives, Sensas Armentiere made up of Mathieu Vilain, Emmanuel Vilain, Frédéric Skornog, Eric Faucillon and Jimmy Martin who finished 7th out of 30 teams.





Tactics explained by Rastislav Dudr


We used the same tactics on both days.  In A,B and E section we decided to start straight off at 13 metres for 90 minutes. The purpose of this was to get as many vimbas, small barbel and carrasins as we could.  The next two hours were important because there were two choices you could make. One was to fish the bolo the other was to fall back on bleak closer in.  We mixed and matched these options to keep fish coming and this helped us get good points in these sections.

Sections C and D were deeper and here the tactic was to fish the long pole only.  Once again we had two options worked out.  One was to hold back hard with 2 to 6g flat floats and try to select bigger barbel and vimba. The other was to run through with 3 to 6 gram round bodied floats.  Regular top up feeding was very important, topping up roughly every 10 minutes.  Top up feed was small balls of gravel and sticky mag.  Out tactics worked well as the lowest points we got in any section was 6.





Breakdown of fish caught in each section


Saturday 7th June



 A : 30%  vimbas, 70% bleak (4th place)

 B : 40% vimbas, 60% bleak (3rd  place)

 C : 80%  vimbas, 20% small roach, (5,5 points)

D : 80% vimbas, 20% roach and barbel (5th  place)

 E : 80%  vimbas and roach  20 % bleak (2nd place)



Suday 8th June

 A  : 70% vimbas, 30 % barbel and carrasins (3rd  place)

 B : 30%  vimbas, 70% big bream (4th  place)

 C : 90 %  vimbas, 10% small roach(5th place)

D : 100% vimbas (6th place)

 E : 80% vimbas and barbel, 20% bleak (1st place)





Groundbait mixes used by Sensas Povazska Brystrica (Slovakia)


Pole and bolo mix

60% Sensas 3000 Gros Gardons

20%  Sensas 3000 Super Fond

20% Terre de Riviere

100 g two coloured pastoncino



Small fish mix

80% Sensas 3000 lake

20% terre de Somme



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