Sean Ashby - Winner of the Sensas Festival

Published on Apr 8, 2015 by Christophe NOUALHIER.



Day One – Lake Ilots

GB – 1 bag Canal Fine Noire, 2 bags Lake, 1 bag Super Epicene, 2 bags Terre De Somme.

Float Jean Francois 1g, 0.14 Classic Power line to 0.08 3210 size 18.

Fished at 13m with 5cm overdepth with double bloodworm.

Fed 10 balls at the start with dead pinkie, chopped worm, casters  and 100ml of joker, then cupped in 300ml joker in Double Leam.

Caught lots of skimmers, roach, 3 small tench and 2 small (500g) Carp.

Most important was to keep feeding a small ball of double leam every 15minutes containing joker.


Day 2 – Loire at Seigneuret

GB – 2 bags Gros Gardon, 1 bag Canal Fine Noire 1 bag Super Epicene, 1 bag Terre De Somme, 1 bag Terre De Rivierre.

Floats – Jean Francois in 0.8, 1 and 1.5g – the 0.8 5cm off the bottom, 1g level with bottom and 1.5g 5cm overdepth – 0.12 – 0.8 3210 in sizes 18 or 20

Fished at 13m and 10m with single and double bloodworm

Fed 7 balls at 13m containing casters, pinkies, chopped worm and 100ml joker.

Cupped in 300ml joker in double leam with 50% TDR to add weight.

At 10m  cupped in 5 balls of GB with 150ml joker

I also mixed up 1 bag of Surface with a small amount of Red Tracix for bleak.

Caught well for 1.5t hours at 10 and 13m – small roach, skimmers and perch, then switched to bleak . Caught 190 before they stopped with

1 hour to go then went back to 13m to catch odd small skimmers and roach.

Again very important to feed regularly with a small ball containing lots of joker.




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