Sean Ashby's point of view - Sensas Festival

Published on Jun 2, 2014 by Christophe NOUALHIER.



On the Saturday I drew in the river in B section peg 7 which I was not happy about as it was in the middle and the pegs either side were very close. I started on the long pole after feeding 8 balls of Lake, canal fine noire and damp Leam. I also cupped in 4 balls containing 250ml of joker with a few casters. I caught odd small skimmers and roach for about 90 minutes then the peg dries up. I tried topping up but it didn't really make any difference. I then made the decision to try for bleak. I feed a tiny ball of surface with yellow tracix every cast and using a 4x12 Tourraine float I managed 215. I then fished the last 15 mins trying to catch a bigger fish on long pole but only caught a couple of small fish. I weighed 2.140k which put me 4 th in the 16 peg section which was a good result. 




Second day I drew on Vouvaery lake and I knew to have a chance of winning I had to win my section. I started on the pole at 13m and started catching small catfish and roach but after 30 mins there were several people with big fish so I switched the the slider.





It was only 10feet deep but I felt a slider would hold the bait still. I has fed 20 ball on this line at the start full of caster and worms and a small amount of joker. Fishing with 2 small red worms and a maggot I took 4 big Carrasio's in the next 90mins or so. Unfortunately I only caught one more to finish with 7.450k only good for 2nd in section with my teammate Ed Warren.



Taking a 5k carp with 30 minutes to go beating me by 200grams. So with 6 points I ended up with 8th place. 

All in all it was a great competition, well run with a good payout. Just needs a little more attention to the pegging and I'm sure it will be a great annual event. 




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