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Both boys and girls  competed on the same venue.
 The venue was good, with roach, sunfish, perch and  bleak. After training we  decided that Bleak would  be our target fish.
On the first day of competition, the weather was good  with no wind, so we used  floats in sizes  4x12 and 4x14.

We started by feeding a little bit heavier,  making bigger cloud on surface and tried to keep all  of the fish in the same area.  Our Ground bait mix. was Ablettes orange + Record 515 yellow +Etang yellow+ litou yellow

This mix proved  to be excellent  as fish were quickly attracted to the cloud  in the cloud and stayed there all the time.  The feeding was crucial. After 4-5 small balls of groundbait , we started feeding a small ball with added Jokers .  This helped  to keep fish on one place, and enabled us to catch very quickly. .

At the end of the first day our section  placings  for the  boys was (2+2+3) and for the girls (1+2+1), which was enough for first place in both categories. First day first place in both categories, who could expect more.

On second day, situation was somewhat different; there was  a strong wind blowing, especially in sector C where it was very difficult to cast.

We made a decision not to change our strategy, this time using  heavier floats, 4x18 - 4x20.  It was much more difficult to keep the fish on the right place, and fish did not want to come  as closer as the day before. That was something what we had expected.

At the end of the second day the section placings for the boys was  (8+2+1) and the girls (3+1+6).

In both categories we became national  national champions.


Best Individuals:  Boy- 1st  and  4thplace,   Girls 1st and 3rd



Great results for Sensas Team Croatia






The competition venue was  mostly stocked with carassio, roach, and carp. So we decided   on a combination of ground bait for carassio and carp. We  started very well, in all sections, we all caught well, unfortunately in sector A we lost a carp weighing about 6 kilos.
 After the first day we ended in fourth place with a total weight of 12,345 grams. With Section placings of  (10+2+3) 15 points, second place was  missed by just two points .  I wish that we had not  lost that carp; it would have been  enough for second place.

 On the second day we changed our  tactics and decided  focus on the bigger fish..The  decision seemed  right, because on second day we caught 30,282 grams, with secion placings (6+2+1). We had total of  24  points, over the 2 days , which was  enough for the first place.

Seniors are national champions.




Best individual;  1st and 2ndplace.

Groundbait for carrasio and carpes;

2 kg carpes fine

1 kg gialla

1 terre de riviere

1 terre de somme

with sweetcorn, dead maggots and chopped worms

we have used hooks 3430 size:12-16






Qualification U 15 and U25 were completed for the national team.


 We have individual  winners in both U-15 and in U-25 categories.


 During the 8 rounds we used different groundbait mixes.

 For the roach we used  mix;

 1 kg gros gardons

1 kg etang
2 terre de somme
1 kg gros gardons
1 kg etang
2 terre de somme
with bloodworms, jokers and casters
We used hooks 3405 and 3260, size 16-20 and floats Jean Francois and Jeff 3, 0.2-1g



 Our Senior national league ended in October.

After the 10 rounds we were leading . Unfortunately, the  week after we  lost out  and ended in the 3rd place (lost on weight prevented to gain the 2nd).  Narrowly missing out on our team  going  to club's world championship next year.

Nevertheless, it ihas been a great achievement considering we  still  have a young team.

Groundbait for river Drava (for barbel), venue where have been world championship before 2 years 

2 kg barbel cheese +2 kg super fondo +1 kg carpes extra poissons+2 pack terre de riviere

with dead maggots, we used hooks 3311, size:10-12 and lollipops floats 10-50g






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