Mike Thinnes 201 European champion

Published on Jul 4, 2014 by Christophe NOUALHIER.


This year’s European Champs were held on the 28th and 29th June in Belgium on the Hensies canal.  After two legs Mike Thiennes from Luxembourg finished individual winner.  After the match we contacted Mike to ask him how he approached this tough venue:

Mike Thiennes:  First off I am delighted to have won the individual gold medal although a team medal would have been more special.  It was tough, technical fishing and you needed to stay focused and confident right to the end. We knew that the fishing was hard but that there were big bream to be had in certain areas and you needed to target these hoping to get a couple of big fish in the net. The first leg went well for me and I ended up with 13kg comprised of 7 bream and 4 perch.  I used the same tactics again on the Sunday and won my section with 15 kilos made up of 6 bream and one perch. I focused my attention on fishing the slider slightly further out than my neighbours at around 38 metres rather than the 35 metre line.  I catapulted out about 30 small balls at the start the toped up by feeding sticky spoil with some bait particles in it to not overfeed the fish.  To try and select the bream I fished a bunch of worms and bloodworm on the hook.  My rod was a Sensas Classic Power which was perfect and I used 0.14 hooklengths with either a 14 or 12 hook.  As I said I am delighted to have won this title and extend my congratulations to the English squad in particular for their fantastic team victory.  I would also finally like to thank Giles Caudin for his help and confidence!


Mike Thinnes Groundbait

1 kg  Sensas 3000 Lake Black

4 l  terre de Somme black

300 g Sensas Super Hemp

300 g Sensas super épicéine black

300 g black binder


Top up feed

3 kg sticky Terre de Riviere

200 g black binder




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