European championship - Mark Downes's point of view

Published on Jul 6, 2014 by Christophe NOUALHIER.




We fished quite simply


1x Lake 300 Black 2x Terre de Somme Black 1xTerre De Riviere.


We took 4litres of this mix at the start and added 400cc Joker , 150cc Bloodworm and 150cc chopped worm and 150cc of dead maggot and Casters......a rich mix. 


This made 35-40 balls of Feed catapulted between 40-45 m.

We used 12+3 gm Sliders with a 16 hook to Diameter 12 or 13 line.


On Day one after 1 hour we "Topped up" with 6 hard balls, hoping the noise would attract and take the bream to the bottom, this worked well on practise but only worked moderatly well in the match , we ended with 36 points not a good result.

On day 2 we adopted a similar feeding pattern to the French, We fed exactly the same at the start, but this time topped up with small balls of Softer Double Leam, full of joker. bloodworm and worms, this worked better and we scored 23 pts to beat Russia by 1 point. 


Russia in my opinion has the best tactics and were unlucky not to win. 

They hasd a 22nd place on day one otherwise they all finished in the top 6 both days. 

They fed bigger balls of softer mix more frequently than other teams and drew more fish into their pegs, They had almost double the weight of any other team. 


England's secret was simple " concentrate as hard as you can for the full 4 hours because we knew that at some time in the 4 hour match the bream would be in front of you and if you were not doing the right thing when they were there you missed them. Senses Sean Ashby drew the poor D section both days and was  of the 8 anglers to catch bream in the section on  day one and one of the 3 anglers to catch a bream on day 2 in the same section.........concentration!!! he had 5 bites in 8 hours 2 bream and 3 perch.


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