England has scooped Gold Medals in both in the team and Individual with Alex Clements.

Published on Aug 10, 2016 by Christophe NOUALHIER.



The venue at Coruche in Portugal has always been a difficult one for teams from England.

In 9 visits from various England teams in the past, we have only 2 silver and2  Bronze medals on a venue normally dominated by the Portuguese and the Italians.

This year  is the first time England has scooped Gold Medals in both in the team and Individual with Alex Clements.

Our tactics were based around catching Carrassio in sections A, B, and C and Barbel in Sec D.

Our mix for the Carrasio was

1.5 Bags Carp Fine

1.5 Bags Lake 3000

1.5 K Terre De Riviere.


The mix was well wetted and had to be fed into the swim with no particle action….3  Litres was fed at the start at 13m (5 Balls) with  50m Jokers, 50 ml Chopped Worms and 25ml of Dead Pinkies  Plus 1 ball of Sticky Mag..

This was topped up every 10 miniutes or so. When the fish left the peg you re- fed with loose fed Hempseed, until you got a run of  silly bites( indicating the fish were back) then pot a ball of the mix with a ball of sticky mag hidden inside it !!!! to settle them down.

Hiding the ball of sticky mag was important as other teams did not know just how many maggots we were feeding!!!!! A great ploy.

Each day our pegs started slowly but grew every hour culminating in a great last hour for all of the lads.

Sector D was different,  a sticky mag and Hempseed approach was needed both on pole and waggler  for barbell.

We were unlucky here on day 2,  Rory Jones had 2 barbel disallowed for snagging others anglers lines and hooked another fish with 15 seconds to go that he would never have landed in time.

All in all a great performance from all of the squad.


Mark Downes.


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