Alain Dewimille - 2nd individual in the Sensas Festival

Published on Apr 8, 2015 by Christophe NOUALHIER.



The ever consistent Alain Dewimille has shown his class once again by finishing 2nd individual in the Sensas festival.  Here Alain talks us through his feeding and tactics for the festival:




“On the first day I drew the River Loir.  After the initial groundbaiting I fed 10 small balls laced with joker and chopped worms to create a hot spot.   During the match I caught roach and small skimmers steadily running a float through and just holding back a little.  I won my section comfortably with 5 kilos.


For the second leg I opted for the same groundbait mix but added some terre de Somme and a little more noire de vigne to make an even darker mix.   The section the previous day had been won fishing mainly at 7 metres so I decided to feed heavily at 13m but feed only 5 feed rich balls at this distance and feed another 5 short on the 7 metre line.  Once again the balls were laced with chopped worm and joker.  On my first run through I caught a roach then after that small catfish.  I tried to snare a bream or two but there was no escaping the cats and as they were fairly small I settled for trying to catch them as fast as I could.  This worked well as I ran out second in the section with 5.9 kilos


At the end I had 3 points from the two legs and thought I would end up 6th or 7th as my weights were not very high.  I was naturally delighted to find that I was second and am thrilled with tis result!”




Alain’s groundbait mix:


2 kg of Sensas 3000 Lake


500 g  PV1


+ 4 kg of terre de Somme for day 2

+ Noir de vigne , Natural black pigment




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